Stepping Stones Bali in the Philipines

Monday-Tuesday / April 1- 2 2019

The CAST Mobile APP is one of the application programs which makes it easier to enter data via a mobile phone without using paper. So glad that we, Stepping Stones Bali Foundation, got this opportunity to get the best experience of working with this app. We were invited by Miraclefeet and PNGOC to attend a seminar on the CAST Mobile APP in Cebu, Philippines. We represented Indonesia from one of the participating countries with Miraclefeet together with a few other countries namely: Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Each of the countries presents its clinic or foundation to attend this seminar. In the first two days we received an explanation of how to enter data via a mobile phone. We also played several games in the middle of our seminar. In the first meeting all the representing countries introduced themselves to the others. We introduced Stepping Stones as a foundation who helps to provide assistance and treatments to patients, from the intake till receiving the tools they need. For example the braces of Miraclefeet.

In the meeting after that, we still received an explanation about CAST Mobile APP until the end of the seminar. To find out, whether we discussed the material or practice provided, we had the opportunity to receive an presentation of the training from PNGOC about the material and practice of CAST Mobile APP. Not only that, we also received a shoe donation from Miraclefeet for our patients at the Stepping Stones Bali Foundation. We are very proud and thankful to Miraclefeet for all the experience and braces they have given.

Wednesday-Thursday/April 3 to 4 2019

On the 3rd and 4th day of the Miraclefeet seminar in the Philippines, we got the opportunity to practise and learn all about the CAST Mobile APP. Which had previously been explained and practiced by mHealth Specialists from Miraclefeet. The assignment was that it was up to us to give a presentation about this app to all other countries. I think this was very practical because you had to know all about this app to answer all the questions from the audience.

So we held a presentation about the CAST Mobile APP and we answered a lot of questions about the app that we did not understood at first. We are very happy that we have been given this opportunity and that we could explain again, so we could understand more about CAST Mobile APP. On this occasion we also received an award in the form of a certificate by Miraclefeet at the end of the seminar. And not only that, Miraclefeet provided us with two big boxes included with brace shoes for our children at the Stepping Stones Bali Foundation. Thank you very much Miraclefeet for the opportunity you gave to us. We are happy and proud that we got this opportunity, and were and still are very proud to receive a certificate at the end of our seminar.

Thank you very much Miraclefeet!!!

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