Vision & Mission


To lay down and connect our services as ‘stepping stones’ to generate and provide optimal care for a child with a physical disability.


Every physically disabled child in Indonesia has access to the best possible treatment in order to achieve optimal independence and participation in society.


Every child in Indonesia should have access to proper rehabilitation care.

Visie en Missie

Annually, many children in Indonesia are born with a disability without getting the help they need. Early treatment should prevent bigger problems, yet thousands of children are falling through the cracks. During the years that we have worked in here, we have seen parents struggling to navigate a path for their children. That’s why we focus on:

Het creëren van missende stapstenen

Creating missing stepping stones

such as access to special braces for 4 to 5 years after an operation.

Verbinden van bestaande stapstenen

Connecting existing stepping stones

working in partnership with care providers to improve practice.

Een hand bieden

Offering a hand to those taking the next step

including at our weekly drop-in clubfoot clinic.

Verbeteren en verstevigen huidige stapstenen

Improving and strengthening the current stepping stones

for example training midwives assistants and midwives students.

In order to provide customised care for each patient, it is important that all those who are involved optimise their expertise (knowledge and skills) and have the capability to apply their expertise in daily situations. Therefore, we are committed to collaboration with care providers, education and providing and generating optimal care.

Together, we make sure every child in Indonesia born with clubfoot gets the treatment they need and deserve.